Saturday, November 8, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows how OBSESSED I am with Ballet. So, it's not too surprising that I wanted to go watch BYU's Ballet Showcase perform this weekend. The surprising part is that Tyler consented to go with me:) I figured out this weekend that I dance more than I am in school! (Dance= 18.5 hours; School=10) I found this AMAZING video snippet of what ballet is...more than just girls(or boys:)) in tights!

I also couldn't help but put this one in too... I think I watched it like 5 times! Check out those men!

So even if you don't like ballet or don't understand it, you can at least appreciate the beauty and grace of being able to move your body like these professionals. These are the kind of dancers that inspire me to keep going, even when my feet are bleeding while I dance and when I can't walk the next day because my legs and feet and hips hurt so much.
Next time you see a ballet, or meet a ballerina, you may understand just a little more of what they go through to build their strength and talent. Just like any other professional, they work to become who they are. Countless hours and days and years to be able to lift and sustain their leg above their hips. Hundreds of falls and slips to be able to turn 3 times in a row en pointe. Lots of pain and self-discipline to develop the technique, speed and power to defy physics!
Oh ya, did I mention, I love ballet??


[Julie R] said...

I loved those clips!! I too LOVE dance. Ballet is amazing. you definitely appreciate it more when you've experienced it and understand how hard it is. Brock was clueless as to what dance even was before we met and I'm proud to say he watched the clips with me and was just as amazed. Ha!

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

wow! I could NEVER do that. Though I wish I could!