Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Days

It's already October and we're hitting midterms...but the exciting news is it's Conference Time! There are a lot of other exciting things happening right now too:
  • Erin's engaged,
  • Elyse and Andrew are less than a month from go time,
  • I'm pregnant...haha JUST KIDDING! Tyler continues to make false announcements to the family and no one's going to believe us when it's true. (Besides I wouldn't even be able to know for sure by now if I were I don't think!!)
  • We are in the middle of picking out photos from our photographer (look at them if you want at password carissatyler
  • Tyler has flyout interviews with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst and Young (Our top pick for location is Seattle, WA...If anyone has any contacts with jobs for me there, let me know!)
  • Halloween! This is actually one of my least favorite holidays and I'm not exactly sure why except that I don't really like dressing up. I love candy, but maybe the fact that I can't really remember many years that I even went Trick-or-Treating has created my bias. I was deprived! Maybe it was also because my mom preferred that I was a fairy or princess or something and I always wanted something more....wild.
  • MY BIRTHDAY! I will be 22 on the 12th. Hard to believe I'm only 22. I feel like the past 2 years have aged me at least 3.5 years.
Me as a 3 year old

Me as an 8 year old

Me last year

Yay for birthdays!


Cissy said...

After all the nice comments you have left on our family blog, I just discovered that you have one two. You two are hilarious and adorable.

[Julie R] said...

I can totally see Tyler pullin the pregnant trick. Send him our good luck wishes with his interviews. May bro (and fam) lived in Issaquaw, WA for 4 years. It is beautiful there. I can't believe you don't like Halloween..or dressing up. You and Tyler would be naturals. I LOVE this time of year.

Skyler, Kellie and Ethan Black said...

Skyler works for PricewaterhouseCoopers! It's a great company to be a part of!! Good luck to Tyler!

Kristin said...

Go Tyler...good luck with the interviews. and Happy Birthday Carissa, wait until you are 27 and have 3 kids and then you'll be like "umm...wasn't I JUST 22?" : )

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

We need to get erin to start a blog!! HOw are we going to do such a thing! Carissa! We have a chance of going to Seattle as well! But who knows! I can't wait to see the wedding photots good luck!