Monday, June 6, 2011

That's what I get

for posting late! I feel like I just posted Eliza's 8 month photos and stats and now she's 9 months. We are settling more and more into our new apartment. I love having our new space! We have gotten quite a few of the things done on our checklist including:
Painting/Staining/Distressing Kitchen table
Hanging artwork (almost complete--still waiting on a few Father's Day items)
Hanging curtains
Would you like detailed photos? You would? fabulous, I have them all right here to showcase.

 Master Curtains

 Eliza's Bathroom

 Curtains in Eliza's room
 Dining Table BEFORE

Dining table AFTER

Now onto little Eliza

9 month stats
13 lbs 14 oz (<5%)
26.75" (25%)

She moved up and onto the curve in height and head circumference this month. Yay for our growing baby. Our new pediatrician, whom we love, was very positive about her growth. She is eating everything she can--loves especially eating what we are eating. 
Our big news for month 9 is we FINALLY stopped those night-time wakings. we struggled for 3 nights with letting her cry it out, but now it's bliss! She goes down at 7:30 and sleeps until 6:30. Then naps at 8:30, 11:30, and 3:30. She is now a VERY happy baby and I am a VERY happy mommy. I can't believe we waited so long to break that habit of waking up twice. Oh, I know. Because it was the hardest thing to let my baby cry during the night. Especially when I could snuggle her up and we'd both fall asleep in minutes. However, I knew it couldn't last and was crossing my fingers she would break the habit herself. Wishful, ignorant, thinking. my resolve solidified when she would wake in the morning happy and seemed to not remember crying during the night and me not coming. Problem solved! 
Now we just have to work with this whole No-Bottle-Taking thing. I think we will just stop nursing and go to bottle as soon as she is 1. it's almost there and i've pretty much limited her nursings to coincide with her napping and sleeping.
ok, well that's it I think on the baby front.

 And to leave a preview of another project I'm working on...


Ashley said...

What a cute house!!! I love your style!!!!

Heather Williams said...

Looks great. Love those curtains

Ben, Ashley, and Nate said...

So adorable! House and baby! When can we get together soon?