Thursday, May 19, 2011

8 months

Where have we been you ask? Oh man. The past weeks since graduation have been crazzzy. Mostly they've included moving, unpacking, vacation, big baby milestones and Dad going back to work. I've taken a bizillion photos, which really isn't surprising, but thought I would at least spread them out between different posts. So this post will be focused on Eliza:
8 months wow. We have learned how to drink from a straw (yay! but still no bottles and no breastmilk--I have to share this story. I pumped to try and get her to take a bottle and she wouldn't drink from a bottle, so I thought, well maybe she'll drink from a sippy cup. Nope. Maybe warmer? Nope. Maybe from my cup? Nope. All I got was disgusted faces and spitting it out. Wha What? Does it taste so different from a cup then from my boob?)


I swear we can hear her say dada and i love you and woah. Probably not, but we like to think she's really communicating.


Transition to a big crib has led to some pretty funny pics, before I got her new crib bumpers put in.

I thought it was so cute:)

She is doing the whole scooting thing on her stomach, but no crawling yet.
finally she is rolling from her back to stomach and loves to do it, like in her pics I couldn't get her to stay still and had to reward her with the camera case zipper for being good!


Lacey Voris said...

I don't know how to help with the bottle. I never had a problem. I say if she drinks from a straw, try that. For signing, I say to do it. We do it with ours and it helps a lot with the frustration. They can't speak yet, but they can move their hands. Kids usually don't start picking it up until about 1, but if you keep doing it, she will get it. If you have any questions about signing, let me know :)

merrilykaroly said...

I didn't teach my kids to sign, but have been frustrated when kids I'm babysitting are signing and I don't even realize that they are signing in the first place. It also supposedly slows down their speech learning, since they can already communicate with you by signing... those are just random thoughts by someone who hasn't tried it :) My kids both have learned to communicate with me without it, and we haven't been too frustrated. Maybe with a kid who has a little bit of trouble getting past that barrier it would be very useful.

And yeah, there are straw sippy cups, so I agree with Lacey-- straw is better than nothing! But I'd keep trying regular sippy cups too. Bennett refused to drink out of a sippy cup with the stopper in it for the longest time(because he couldn't get anything out of it) until our doctor recommended the Nuby brand-- and then almost immediately he was able to do it. But it sounds like that's probably not Eliza's problem-- it's probably just the newness of it!

P.S. Your new place is gorgeous. Man, come decorate my house!!!

Anonymous said...

We have taught Addison a few signs (more, milk, all done, food, please) book I read by a pediatrician said that parents should make the decision based more on fun because the kids will be fine developmentally either way. He said if it sounds fun to you, do it. If not, don't. Addison is pretty verbal and "grunty" so she doesn't solely depend on the signs to communicate. She's pretty good at letting us know what she wants. BUT I will say that seeing her sign is one of the CUTEST THINGS EVER. We love it. So we took a kind of middle-of-the-road, fun approach and we're pretty happy with it because it has been really cute and fun for all of us.

I wish I had some advice for the bottle...I know Shannie (do you remember her?) gathered some friends bottles and sippys for a day to try out a number of different kinds and actually did find one that her little guy liked, so that might be something to try rather than buying multiple options.

David and Karin said...

Not that I have a child of my own, but I do have 14 nieces and nephews. Of those 14, 2 were taught to sign and they took a lot longer to finally start talking. I think it is a bit of a trade off if you want them to communicate faster or you want them actually talking faster. Whatever your preference is.