Monday, October 4, 2010

Eliza is one month

Can you believe it??
This month has been a blur! We are getting a routine down and life is great! She eats every 3 hours almost on the dot with an occasional 4 hour stretch...we love when those are at night:) We learned that nighttime goes so much better when we keep her up for 2-3 hours right before her last feeding before we go to sleep around 11:30pm, then she will eat and go right back to sleep, which helps me out a lot. Tyler helps on the weekends, putting her back to sleep during the night so I only have to keep my eyes open long enough to make sure she latches correctly. No matter how well she does during the night though I am still exhausted it seems. I understand now why parents are so much tired because I never get any stretch of sleep longer than 3 hours ever! I know that this won't last forever, but for now it's the most difficult thing I've done.
We go on walks together and my little girl LOVES her stroller

it was kind of chilly today when we went out but she stayed asleep the whole walk from our house to the library and then to Smiths and back home again. (round trip 4 miles! I am trying to work back up to running, but walking is tiring for now)
So far Eliza has gone with us to Guru's, Five Guys, La Jolla Groves, Golden Corral and Taco Bell. Other than that we basically stay at home.
She weighs upwards of 7lbs and is pushing 21" and has such a cute double chin. Her baby acne is almost gone and her hair is growing so fast.
Well there is a little update on our adorable piece of heaven!


Grace Hart said...

I seriously LOVE the huge flower. haha I think I've said it before, but she's sooooooooo adorable!

Davis and Laura said...

YAY! Now we can blog stalk eachother. Our family blog is, and I have 2 other blogs that you can link to on our family one!!! Your little girl is so precious!!! :)