Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Last Saturday my little sister graduated from BYU-ID with her BS in Interior Design. My family and I went up to Rexburg to celebrate her wonderful achievement.
We flew into the Rexburg airport and it was deceivingly beautiful...

It was sooo cold and windy. All of us crammed into Erin and Nate's apartment

We opened gifts...

My first baby gift! A Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper clutch!

Erin got a cute scarf and necklace from me and Laurel for her 22nd bday we missed. We took the kids for a swim:

and then the next day we went to her graduation ceremony.

Right after some pizza we got back in the plane and flew back to UT

You can see our house right there! I took a pic
The beautiful Wasatch Front.

I was so proud of myself for taking some pictures!


Grace Hart said...

Yay for your first baby gift! And the graduation of course :)

Shelly & Brandon said...

I LOVE your PPB cluth! So darling...that will be my first pregnant purchase!! Erin is so darling tell her congrats!

Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

that is one of my most favorite PPB designs. I LOVE the gray with yellow accent. Along with Shelly, that will also be one of my first purchases!