Saturday, March 14, 2009

I got tagged again...for like the 5th time, but what the heck, I need a break from homework

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago:

Finishing high school

Teaching piano

Writing poetry

Driving my sweet truck

Staying up late doing homework...I guess not much has changed

5 Things on my to do list for today:

Clean the House

Finish change consultant biography

Grade some tests

Go on a date with Tyler

Grocery Shopping

5 Things I would do with a million dollars:

Go shopping for me, my mom, my husband, my friends


Start a scholarship

Save the rest

5 Places I have lived:

Los Angeles, CA

Mesa, AZ

Orem and Provo, UT

Colorado Springs, CO

Santiago and Chillan Chile!

5 Jobs I have held:

Audubon Surgery Center

BYU Bookstore

Riverwoods Surgery Center

Allstate Insurance Agency

Debenham Properties LLC

5 Things I want to be doing in 5 Years:

Happily Married

Being a mom


Decorating my own house

Driving a new car

5 People I tag (Or anyone else who has the inner desire to do this):

Ashley W

Maggie T

Tatum R

Courtney J

McKenna D


maggie-t said...

i think you only put four things down for "5 Things I would do with a million dollars." lol. i would probably put like ten things down for that one.

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

oh the days of poetry wrting! i miss it... remember us singing leaving on a jet plane with our guitars... we were totally rad! I love your new blog background! lets bring in the warm weather.... wahoo!

Carissa Rasmussen said...

I seriously couldn't thinkof any more Maggie!! Give me some ideas...

Kristin said...

I like the cute new background. I hope Tyler is feeling better. Let us know if we can do anything for him.