Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The letter I should have written

Carissa Rasmussen

155 Commonwealth Dr.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Pat:

Since coming to Brigham Young University four years ago, I have tried different restaurants for dinner and lunch throughout the Wasatch Front.
As a family we decided to try your restaurant after watching Guy Fiere rate your restaurant on the Food Network. This decision was ill-fated and I request modification to your facilities and staff.

On Friday, February 20, my husband and I, and two brother and sister-in-laws with their kids visited your restaurant. When we entered before 6:00 p.m., there was a family ahead of us in line. Although the wait to be seated was relatively short, we waited for our food and waited and waited. During which we were subjected to loud, bad music that completely destroyed any conversations we were having. Not only was there bad music, but also our waiter gave us drinks and then took our order; not once did he come to our table during the hour plus wait.

Once we received our food, we were disappointed that the long wait resulted in good food, but not the excellent or amazing dishes we were ready for after waiting and enduring such a horrible experience. To make matters worse, when we went to pay for this unfortunate meal, we were charged $5.00 to listen to a band we didn’t want to hear without knowing there was going to be a cover charge. When I inquired about the unexplained charge, I was told that everyone knows that at 7:00p.m. when the band starts you get charged. She further explained that they had signs posted around and the waiters always say something. There was not a sign anywhere when we walked in that explained this policy and I was mad.

After being on TV, our expectation was that you would deliver a quality experience. What we had was a sub-par, disappointing, expensive disaster I will never repeat. As we were leaving, disgusted, we found that some people waited an hour before their waiter said you were out of food! A restaurant that wants to continue operating at a profit after being on TV must increase their staff, food, and quality of experience.
In order for me to ever return, I would have to know that my concerns are addressed so as not to repeat such an unacceptable experience.

The Rasmussen’s, Garlock’s, and Prusse’s.


Anonymous said...

That makes me mad just reading that, especially about the dumb cover charge for the band! You should seriously send that to them--you might get a complimentary gift card or something.


Elyse said...


Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

dang! that is SOO not worth it! I am so sorry, how frustrating!