Saturday, August 2, 2008

I was going to wait....butt

I read Kristin's blog and decided I just had to blog today. (Plus Tyler's out working in the garage, I finished cleaning the house, and I'm waiting for some laundry to be done so I can sneak in time before the dryer's done.) This has been a BIG week I guess because we finished assembling, addressing and postaging invitations, and there were a lot! We're going to send them out starting Monday so if you don't get one by 2 weeks from today, tell me and I'll double check we sent you one:) Also this week, today in fact, my family went back to Colorado after being here for 2 weeks doing wedding stuff. We got SOOO much done. All the adjustments for the bridesmaids are done, we picked flowers, took bridals (they're done by the way, if you want to see them go to>enter site>proofing>password is carissa) also, tell me which are your favorite because I have to pick JUST ONE for the reception right now and I can't decide! Back to the week, since my family was here it has been party after party and Tyler and my date's have consisted of watching a movie on our couch while the boys try to fall asleep and we quietly sneak a kiss here and there all the while my brother, Derek, looks at me, points his fingers at his eyes and then at mine and says, "I'm watching you!" Ok, now to the reason I actually decided to post today, Kristin tagged me and she is so totally right that it is a blast to read other people's and to see how similar we really are. And firstly I have to say, this is THE MONTH not because of BYU but because I'm getting married!!!!!!! ok, on to the tags 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals and 3 current obsessions.


1. Tyler. Duh. I think I'm the luckiest person ever to have found such a sweet and caring man that I can trust. I know his family (aka sisters) wondered if he would ever find a girl to marry, and let me assure you, that despite his somewhat goofy (understatement, yes I know) side, he is so genuinely good that nothing else matters. I know he will take care of me and love me exactly how I should and need to be. He is also pretty handy to have around, he gives me good foot massages, fixes the cars, mows the lawn, loves the same entertainments I do, will eat anything I cook, tells me he'll wash the dishes while I relax....sorry ladies, he's taken! Plus, look how cute he is!

2. Yes my Savior. I served a mission in Chile and it was quite an experience to say the least, but one of my favorite parts was watching La Restauracion with investigators. (we watched it I swear like 5 million times) Every time I heard "vi una columna de luz..." and saw Joseph Smith converse with God and Jesus Christ, I would cry, every single time. I think I finally learned what a desolate world it was and would be if there was no hope for redemption, no idea of an eternal plan of salvation and happiness. That thought alone that we can be saved and live eternally joyful is joy enough.

3. A clean house. There's
something so peaceful and rewarding about walking on a freshly vacuumed floor, lying on a just made bed, or using a fabulous smelling shower with no dirt marks!


1. losing any one of my limbs. You know that story where that guy went hiking and he got his arm pinned under a rock and he had to hack it off in order to save his life cause no one rescued him? scares the heck out of me, sawing off your own limb? ew.

2. Is it ok to say this? not being able to have kids?
I think of all the things on this earth, the pain, tribulation and suffering that comes with children makes them one of the sweetest joys of the earth. Since I am not a mother yet, I cannot imagine all the possible joys and pains of motherhood; however, I have been well acquainted with my seven younger siblings and I have
seen a glimpse of what lies ahead...

3. Tripping up stairs. it's one thing to fall down the stairs, but to fall up them?


1. Finish my marriage prep class BEFORE i get married. it might not happen seeing as I'm not even half way through the class and I get married in 4 weeks.

2. Upholster my kitchen chairs, by my self, with an air compressed staple gun. I'm doing it as soon as i find fabric I like

3. Go to the temple at least once a month. I know how easy it is to get tied up in school and work and all the responsibilities that go with running a household, but in the two times i've gone, I quickly realized how nice it is to shut that all behind and just sit and enjoy.


1. Ice Cream. I think I'm a little lactose intolerant because if I eat ice cream too late or too much, my stomach is VERY angry. but you know what, I don't care because it is SOO good.
I just went to this great place this week called Tomasso's, which serves italian ice mixed with custard. I had the Horchata and Mixed Berry. I LOVED IT. oh and thanks to Elyse and Andrew who are always keeping us updated and the newest and best ice cream places. (I really am paying attention:))

2. Shoes. Holy Cow I love shoes. Cute flats, sexy high heels, awesome running shoes. I will wear a different pair every day of the year if I could. The worst part is I get so attached to each one that I can never let them go. For example, my favorite pair of flip flops that I can basically feel the road beneath my heels because I've worn them through...I have to keep them though, can't find another pair like them!

3. Babies. I was going to say Exaggerating, but that's more of a horrible habit, but I confess, I exaggerate sometimes. and it's really predictable because I am not a creative exaggerator. the trick is if I say the number's the only one I use when exaggerating, so if you hear me say it, I'm probably exaggerating. (I think I used the word exaggerating like 5 times)
Ok, but seriously, babies. I love them. I love Ashlyn and baby Harry, and Isaac and oh my goodness. They are so precious. Look how cute:

That was possibly THE longest blog ever. Since tomorrow is my blog day, I probably won't. Oh, and I tag Jenna Dewey, Jessi, and Val:))


Kristin said...

Yeah! I loved reading all about you. I am glad you are getting so much stuff done for your wedding and I can't wait for you to be an official member of our family. If there is anything we can do to help let me know!

Jessi said...

Hey! I love that one of your joys is a clean house... oh yeah! And I still must say that I am so so so sad that I can't come out and see you married. However, I am soo soo soo excited for you and I hope you can come visit us next summer! I gotta tell you, Virginia Beach is an awesome place!! I am going to look at your bridals after church today, so I will post more comments after that. Counting down the days?? love you! it was so FUN to read your tag... I will post one soon, thanks!

Jessi said...

Okay, so I think I have looked through your bridals like 4 times. They are amazing. Your a beautiful soon to be bride! You asked to give you our thoughts... you might regret it. I remember when you and I used to sit around and talk deeply about poetry and other things- a love we share, that poetry. So this is for you Carissa!

My overall favorite would have to be #99. I love it because it shows your dress well! I love that you can see the bead part on your left side, and I love your smile in that picture! I also love that you can see the flowers and such!

Coming in close would be 14, 16, 66 and 74. (especially 66). Also because you can see a lot of your dress and your flowers.

Numbers 11, 12, 31, 62 and 83 are so incredibly artistic! I really think that you had a fabulous photographer!

51 and 52 scream to me the fun Carissa personality that we all knwo and love!!

I LOVE the smile in 14, 45, 46. Thats the smile of carissa when something was so hilarious that she couldn't stop laughing! Or an expression of "mm hmm my honey is goooood lookin!"

My favorite serious one would have to be number 47. Serious, yet peacful

Number 23 and 25 look like you are posing for a sassy yet classy bridal magazine. I LOVE THESE ONES TOO!

76 seems as though you are taking a huge smeel of flowers (duh), yet really its like your smelling them in with a huge sigh of happiness that your day is finally coming! The man of your dreams has swept you up! Like your feeling hole and happy.

37 is awesome bcause your arms are thrown out and chill, relaxing in your beautiful dres and looking great in it. "relaxation, no worries in the world! Just happy to be doin what I am doin".

60 says you are waiten for your man to come, searching in the distance.

84 and 85 say "Come and get me tyler!!"

38 says "I am one happy bride"

I would say that I also love many more. But those ones stuck out to me. I would love to know what you pick to put up at your reception! Thanks for charing your bridals! I am so glad that you got an opportunity to do that!!! Those pictures will be cherished for generations!

Taylor, Valerie and Isaac Housley said...

There are so many good ones, it won't matter which one you choose because they are all good!! But my favorite was #75--and I liked 14-19 too. There were others, but I don't remember all the numbers! But how fun, you look GORGEOUS! You and your mom and your sisters did AWESOME from the hair to the accessories to the dress!

Gina said...

you just HAD to tag me, huh? Okay I will do it, but first things first:

1) I miss you! i'm excited we're finally doing something today!! i feel like i have loads to update you on.

2) Of all your pictures (which i really really love and think you found the PERFECT photographer for you), i love the 3rd "page" 4th picture. you beside a tree with the river behind you. actually i like all of them on that page. but maybe you need one with your full wedding dress. or maybe not since you'll be wearing it at the reception for people to admire anyways. but if you do want the full explosion of the dress in photo, use one of the last photos, where you can see the clips holding up the skirt of your dress. i can't believe how intricate your dress is, it's amazing!

3) "sorry ladies, he's taken!" remember when i was almost falling in love with him because of all of our late night chats? HA HA :)

3) You are such a dork! "it's one thing to fall down the stairs, but to fall up them?"

Ash said...

Carissa!!!! You have a blog too!!!???? Me too!!!!!!! You are getting married so soon and that is sooo exciting!!!!!!!

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

Happy Married!!! Congrats! I am excited to see pictures and hear more! My mom said that everything was so neat and beautiful!! Guess what? we are moving to minnesota for a few months. but hopefully we will be back in Va Beach in July.. or maybe kansas. Crazy!! You still coming out this way next summer? Congrats again!! YEAH!!!