Saturday, July 19, 2008


I wanted to start off the post with this one because I think it is doesn't show my dress, but it's the actual style that I love. Laurel did my hair, my mom my bouquet, (and dress obviously) and I felt beautiful

These ones I love because again the style, and you get to see my hair

Meredith really knew how to work it!

I am NEVER serious, and this pose actually looks like I'm trying not to smile, which is true:)

To start off the day she had me smell the roses...they didn't even smell that great with all the stuff to keep them looking nice

Happy Tree

Everywhere I walked I had to hold up my dress and it was heaaavy, and the grass was wet

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Jessi said...

you are so beautiful! And you posted these so fast!!! I was so excited! I can't believe that you made that dress! Thank thank you thank you for posting!!! I LOVE IT!!! and really wish I could be there with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was trying to see about flights out, but I don't think it will happen. SO SAD!! I am sorry i missed your call again. We played with DJ because this is one of the only times we see him, and now I am cooking dinner, then DJ and I are going to chaperon the regional youth conference dance and I have to finish preparing my sharing time for tomorrow. But I will try and call you tomorrow!! What time do you go to church and stuff? Tell your family hi for me if they are still out there! (or if they aren't) and I just have to say again that I am amazed at your dress! It makes me speechless to look at it, not even to mention that you made it!!! -- and your mom. Wow!!

Kristin said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! It is so fun to be a bride : )

Jessi said...

No, your not bad at posting. I just tend to post strangley. Sometimes I post one at a time, but every now and then (including this last time) I popped out a few at once due to a long nap time of freedom. Whats going on this weekend?

Jessi said...

yeah!! I wish I could be there for your shower! I think that its great that your going through the temple already! I went through a few weeks before I got married, and it was so nice because DJ and I were able to go through together a few times before we got married. We were able to know even stronger in the temple that we were doing the right thing! And I fell in love him him deeper seeing him in white, and doing the work of the lord. Really neat experiences.

Carissa, you are getting married in practically 1 month! Wahoo!!!!!!

ashley.warner said...


Your dress is GORGEOUS!! I LOVE IT! :) And you are such a beautiful bride! I love you so much girl! And cannot wait to see ya soon!

tlk said...

Oh my gosh, your dress is GORGEOUS!!!!! You look so pretty! Yay, congrats!